Wundrack - Vintage Bathroom with Restored Clawfoot Tub

Scope of Work

To build a new bathroom in the area where the laundry is now. Demo the existing wall and floor finishes to expose the frame cavities. Frame the new walls for the bathroom divider wall and laundry separation wall. Install drains, vents and water lines for a full bath and laundry. Install electrical to accommodate laundry, 110v GFI for bathroom, bathroom sink light, exhaust fan & light, electric heated floor, vent for exhaust fan, fill in wall insulation, Sheetrock the new wall and the bathroom walls, finished ready for paint (by others), spot in the ceiling texture on the hallway side of the new wall. Install pocket door, lx6 baseboard, lx4 window trim and lx4 casing for the new door. Prep the subfloor by installing concrete backing board, the electric heating element and mosaic tile. Set the new free-standing tub, sink and toilet. Set the new laundry equipment, sink light fixture and floor heating controller.

TOTAL ESTIMATED (2021) PROJECT COST $30,000 - $32,000

Plus Fixtures and Finishes

Project After Pictures - Vintage Bathroom with Restored Clawfoot Tub

Let Gercken Construction Services Create AN AMAZING BATHROOM that you will love!

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