Shoal Creek Master Bathroom Remodel

Scope of work: Total Remodel of MASTER BATHROOM to include removing the following: Jacuzzi Tub, Tub Surround, Tub Plumbing and Electrical; Shower Door & Glass, Shower Valve & Showerhead, Plumbing, Tile Walls, Shower Base; Wall between Shower & Stool; Stool will be relocated; Door to Stool Room; Relocate Vent Fan; Carpet; Vanity Tops; Sink Faucets; Mirrors and Vanity Lights.

Estimated Total Contractor’s Work For Master Bathroom & Suite Project:
$23,960.00 - $32,945.00

Shoal Creek Master Bathroom Pictures

Shoal Creek Master Bathroom Pictures Before & After

Let Gercken Construction Services Create AN AMAZING BATHROOM that you will love!

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