Wright Master Bathroom Project

Estimated Total Project with Estimated Fixtures & Finishes
$33,000 - $40,000

To remove the existing whirlpool tub, the existing shower wall tile and base, the existing sink lights, mirror (salvage as possible), sink top, vanity doors, drawer and fronts, the existing shower door, a portion of the shower entry wall, modify the sink/toilet wall, baseboard where effected. Form and pour a new shower base, ceramic tile the base and shower walls, install 2) shower faucets, corner seat, free standing tub and faucet, relocate the two wall light fixtures, finish the drywall smooth ready for paint, paint the ceiling, cabinets, trim/doors, and walls. Install ceramic tile flooring, with elect. heated floor, set new sink top, faucets, toilet, mount towel bars, toilet paper holder and grab bar in shower.

Project Pictures

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