MC Master Bath Remodel

Remodel Master Bathroom to include New Custom Walk-In Shower with opening on the West end, Glass on top of 1/2 South Wall, Tile Floor, Tile Walls with Accent Stripe, Double Tile Niches and Tile Corner Seat. Install Light over the Shower. Remove current Shower, set new Stool in that area, and replace current Light with a Ventilation Fan & Light Combo. Remove Vanity and install New Vanity, Top, Faucet, Mirror and Light. Install second Vanity on South Wall with new Top, Faucet, Mirror and Light. Move Closet Door toward the Wall and Install 32" Case Opening. Replace Flooring with Tile Flooring. Install Heated Floor and Wi-Fi Thermostat. (Make sure to save kids’ Growth Chart on inside of closet door.)

$32,000 - $39,240

MC Master Bathroom Pictures

Let Gercken Construction Services Create AN AMAZING BATHROOM that you will love!

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