Luallen Master Bathroom Remodel

Scope of Work

Scope: To demo and remodel the Master Bathroom- Remove the existing vanity & Sink top, faucets, shower assembly, whirlpool tub, hall coat closet, and master clothes closet. Build the new walls per the floorplan drawing. Relocate the electrical for the sink, ceiling lighting, GFCI outlets and exhaust fan. Replumb the drains and vents to accommodate the new plan, install Pex water piping extensions to the new fixture locations. Fill in any disrupted wall insulation, install drywall finished smooth ready for paint. Set new vanity. Build new walk-in shower, concrete shower base with tile finish, ceramic tile the walls, 1) recessed niche for soap and shampoo, set freestanding tub and faucet, set sink top and faucets and set toilet. Install closet door, clothes rod and shelfs, baseboard in closet. Paint ceiling, trim/doors and walls.

Estimated Contractors Work for this Master Bathroom Project $25,000-$28,000

Luallen Master Bathroom before and after

Luallen Master Bathroom - Picture Gallery

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