Larson Bathroom Remodel

To remodel the existing hall bathroom, hall and laundry areas. Note, the upper wall and ceiling areas will be modified by you and that portion of the work has not been proposed. We will remove the existing sink, stool and tub, demo the existing hardwood flooring, move the electrical outlet, demo the sink wall to expose the framed cavities, remove the existing wallpaper, install new drain and Pex water piping where accessible for the bathroom sink and tub and water supply piping for the stool. Sheetrock the walls and ceiling, finish smooth ready for paint. Install new flooring, LVT or Ceramic tile flooring, reinstall the baseboard and trim, set tub, sink and toilet, install light fixture, outlet and switch covers.

$17,969.00 - $23,958.00

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Larson Bathroom Pictures

Let Gercken Construction Services Create AN AMAZING BATHROOM that you will love!

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