Lant Downstairs Bathroom

816-781-7491 PROJECT INQUIRY Lant Downstairs Bathroom Remodel Estimated Contractors Work Downstairs Bathroom Project $18,000-$20,000 Estimated Bathroom Fixtures & Finishes estimated before tax $ 2,500-$4,500 Estimated Total Project with Estimated Fixtures & Finishes $ 20,500-$24,500 VIEW PROJECT SCOPE DETAILS Project Pictures Let Gercken Construction Services Create AN AMAZING BATHROOM that you will love! GET YOUR FREE

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Cook Bathroom Remodeling

816-781-7491 PROJECT INQUIRY Cook Bathroom Remodeling 3 Full and 1 Half-bath Estimated Contractors Work Cost Range $50 – $60K VIEW PROJECT SCOPE DETAILS Project Pictures Cook Bathtub Before- Cook Bathtub After- Cook Bathtub After_2- Cook Shower Before- Cook Shower in Progress_2- Cook Shower After- Cook Shower After_2- Cook Vanity Before 1 Cook Vanity and Storage

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Turley Hallway Bathroom

816-781-7491 PROJECT INQUIRY Turley Hallway Bathroom Remodel 100-yr old home, second floor hall bath renovation; remodeled in 1960s and updated 10 yrs ago by themselves; bathtub “old and heavy” wants to know if can be removed and replaced w/shower; needs new tile, vanity, tiled walls, flooring, etc. Total Approx. Cost Range for this Small Bathroom

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Klose Luxury Master Bathroom

816-781-7491 PROJECT INQUIRY Klose Luxury Master Bathroom Project Estimated 2021 Contractors Work Cost Range $55 – $60K This is a proposal for the upgrade of your existing master bathroom. The scope of work proposed, demolition, structural modifications, plumbing, electrical, HVAC duct modifications, window modifications, insulation, drywall, millwork, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, ceramic tile, hardware mounting, a

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Leap Small Bathroom Remodeling Portfolio

816-781-7491 PROJECT INQUIRY Leap Small Bathroom Remodeling Estimated Contractors Work for this Hallway Bathroom Project $19,900 to 24,9000 VIEW PROJECT SCOPE DETAILS Scope of Work – Hallway Bathroom Remove whirlpool tub and build walk-in shower, update bathroom. Scope: Remove the existing whirlpool tub, shower, vanity, sink top, sink light, wallpaper, flooring, baseboard, build a new

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